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Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Most disappointing games of 2017

The largest online game comparable unhappiness of this yr used to be through a long way and away the upward push of loot packing containers in complete priced games like Star Wars: Battlefront II and Need for Speed Payback. I used to be taking a look ahead to each of those games, particularly Battlefront II, however their reliance on purchasing loot packing containers to realize a bonus within the games used to be a disgusting transfer through EA.

It’s an actual disgrace, as Battlefront II used to be shaping as much as be a cracking recreation and so they were given so much of certain press for freeing unfastened content material for it, fairly than a expensive season move. But all that goodwill vanished like a loss of life Jedi when it’s dependence on expensive loot packing containers have been came upon.

It used to be natural company greed through EA, who have been determined to power microtransactions onto full-priced games, as they’ve proved to be so profitable for them within the cell marketplace. Unfortunately they didn’t be told from Microsoft’s botched release of the Xbox One, that avid gamers aren’t daft, and can boycott anything else this is anti-consumer and compelled on them.

I do hope that the uproar has brought about them to reconsider their technique on microtransactions in long term titles, as I’d hate to look the following Battlefield dragged down through them. Games like Fortnite and GTA V have proven that microtransactions will also be accomplished proper, with out unbalancing the gameplay. If firms like Rockstar could make hundreds of thousands of greenbacks from GTA Online thru microtransactions, then there’s a possibility for EA to do the similar with their franchises, however provided that they do it quite.

Apart from this unhappiness, 2017 has total been an incredible yr for gaming, with some vintage games being launched, along side the a success release of the Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft’s powerhouse Xbox One X. Here’s hoping 2018 proves to be loot field unfastened, however with a wealth of high quality games to play.

An excessively merry Christmas to all at GC, and fellow readers and individuals. Hope you all have an incredible time, and get some high quality gaming and circle of relatives time in over the vacations. Here’s hoping 2018 is no less than as just right for gaming as this yr has been, even supposing it is going to be a tricky one to compare.
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GC: Vanished like a lifeless Jedi, eh? We’re so stealing that.

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