Web Hosting Technology

Web Hosting Technology

server technologyWhen you want to buy or create a website, one of the most fundamental things you have to think about is the web hosting.

Many people are not aware of this, and somehow think that a website is just “there”, but without the technology behind website hosting, you do not have much of a chance!

So in this blog posts I am going to take a look at some of the technologies behind web hosting and some of the better companies on the market.

Website Hosting Technologies

When I walking about website hosting, what I am basically talking about are servers.

If you don’t know what servers are, then you might want to read the definition here on wikipedia.

But to give you a quick summary, what a server is is basically a very powerful computer that waits for “requests” from another computer and then “serves” a response.

Which means that if you go to a website, your request for that site is sent to the server, then the server hands you back the page (images, video, html code etc).

What goes on in the background is actually quite complex but that is the main gist of it.

Some Of the Best Website Hosting Companies

While we are on the subject, lets just quickly cover some of the better hosting companies out there in case you just want a quick answer on this question.

There are many cheap hosting companies out there nowadays and you have to be careful which one you choose. That is for sure.

But if you go for companies like BlueHost or HostGator, then they are also cheap but reasonably reliable. In fact both of these companies are actually owned by the same company now anyway.

If you want to go for something a little more premium, a great service that I recently read a great blog post on, is Siteground. If you want to read a Siteground Review, then this review will give you a complete picture on why they are better than many of the others I mentioned above.

The next level up is something like WPEngine (if you are going for WordPress hosting). They offer fully managed and configured servers that aim to be faster, safer and less work for the person who owns the website.

Inside the Web Hosting Technology

Let’s jump inside some of the technology that goes into web hosting to give you a better idea of what is going on.

The Servers

The backbone of any web hosting company is it’s servers. And when you talk about servers, one of the biggest things in terms of power is the chips.

Currently Intel is one of the most influential suppliers of chips for the server industry and their Xeon series of chips is at the forefront of parallel processing which gives you more bang for your buck.

Another area of the server that is very important is the disk. Previously disks were always moving, but the more modern disks are solely made of chips or more technically – Solid State Drives.

Solid State Drives are a lot faster and more reliable, but also more expensive. So they are slowly making an impact into the server industry but only on the more premium models for now.

In fact Google still uses cheap disks in their servers because they have a great system in place to control them and make sure they do not lose data even if one disk fails.

The Software

Linux LogoJust having a server is not enough when it comes to website hosting. What you really need to get things going is the software on top.

When you talk about software and operating systems you normally think about Windows or Mac. But when it comes to servers it is more often Windows vs Linux (the open source, free software).

Most powerful and reliable servers use Linux, or a flavor of it these days. It is very powerful, robust and reliable. And a lot cheaper than Windows.

This is just the basis for the server of course, and there is more software placed on top of that to run all of the programs and websites that are built.

More often than not WordPress is used for creating blogs and websites.

But the basis of all of the maintenance that customers do on their sites is usually done with something like cPanel.

Quick Overview

So when it comes to website hosting and technology, things can get pretty complex.

But if you choose the right hosting company with the best kinds of servers and software you are usually quite safe!