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Toshiba to invest extra ¥110 billion in Yokkaichi plant amid row with Western Digital

Toshiba Corp. stated Wednesday it’s going to make an extra funding of ¥110 billion to increase flash reminiscence manufacturing at its Yokkaichi plant in Mie Prefecture.

Toshiba will ask whether or not U.S. spouse Western Digital Corp. will take part in the contemporary funding. If Western Digital chooses no longer to, Toshiba will make the funding by itself.

It is unsure whether or not the U.S. hard-disk force maker will sign up for.

Western Digital has filed petitions with the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Court of Arbitration to forestall Toshiba’s plans to invest ¥195 billion in the similar plant single-handedly and promote the plant operator, Toshiba Memory Corp.

Toshiba stated the contemporary funding is meant to introduce manufacturing apparatus at a facility underneath development in the Yokkaichi plant in order to make large-capacity reminiscence merchandise.

As a outcome, Toshiba’s semiconductor-related investments will overall ¥400 billion in the present 12 months finishing subsequent March.

Western Digital has claimed that Toshiba does no longer have the best to make any single-handed funding in the Yokkaichi plant.

Western Digital has additionally criticized Toshiba for attempting to exclude the U.S. company from the plant’s operation to manufacture new reminiscence merchandise whose call for is noticed emerging and for expanding force to settle for the sale of Toshiba Memory.

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