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‘Mega Man 11’: News, rumors, and everything we know

It has been greater than seven years for the reason that unlock of the remaining Mega Man recreation, Mega Man 10. Since then, we’ve observed the well-known Blue Bomber combat Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros., and performed thru a lot of non secular successors, like Shovel Knight and Mighty No. nine. No one can fill the mega buster formed hollow in enthusiasts’ hearts left by way of Mega Man’s absence, despite the fact that, and enthusiasts were looking forward to Capcom to make a real sequel. That wait will in the end result in 2018, as Capcom returns to the franchise in Mega Man 11. The long-awaited follow-up blends the vintage side-scrolling gameplay the sequence is understood for with a flashy fashionable artwork taste. Here is everything we know about Mega Man 11 thus far.

The first trailer

On December four, Capcom published Mega Man 11 all over a Mega Man 30th anniversary live-stream presentation. It incorporated a brief announcement trailer, which you’ll see above. In the trailer, you’ll see the sport employs a 2.5D point of view, very similar to early gameplay movies for Mighty No. nine. Mega Man appears to be like nearly just like his look in Super Smash Bros., and he’s making his manner thru what seem to be Mayan ruins ahead of heading into an commercial space and a mine shaft.

At in regards to the midway level within the trailer, we see Mega Man’s look alternate to teal and yellow instead of his conventional blue. Like previous video games, converting weapon modes will regulate Mega Man’s look, now not simply alternate his colour palette. In the trailer, his teal and yellow shape additionally provides further armor, together with massive, brick-like palms. In this type, Mega Man may cause blocks to fall from the sky, destroying everything underneath them. According to Game Informer, the Robot Master who makes use of those skills was once at the beginning known as “Brick Man,” however its identify has since been modified.


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Capcom turns out dedicated to creating a Mega Man sequel that enthusiasts of the vintage video games will recognize, and that starts with the characters. Legendary villain Dr. Wily will go back with a military of loopy machines, and those “Robot Masters” will give Mega Man new powers as he makes his manner thru each and every level. According to Game Informer, there might be 8 Robot Masters to combat, and you’ll achieve this in any order. Other enemies had been designed as a lot more than throwaway baddies — artist Yuji Ishihara mentioned he made the enemies deliberately lovable with a view to “[bring] a smile to your face” when you’re enjoying.

Mega Man’s canine, Rush, makes a short lived cameo within the first trailer, as does his sister, Roll. Though Mega Man’s writer Dr. Light is discussed in Capcom’s weblog submit at the announcement trailer, the corporate hasn’t published whether or not or now not he’s going to in reality seem within the recreation, however he’s showed because the writer of the Robot Masters that Mega Man might be preventing.

The previous and the brand new

In addition to the graphical overhaul and snappy gameplay, Mega Man 11 options issue choices designed to welcome new avid gamers. On the sport’s Japanese web page, 4 of those are indexed: “Newcomer,” “Casual,” “Normal,” and “Expert.”

Mega Man nonetheless has get entry to to his vintage charge-shot and sprint transfer, in addition to a brand new slide maneuver that are supposed to permit for him to flee some sticky eventualities. To lend a hand set up the on-screen motion, the point of view has additionally been pulled again moderately farther and moved upper, and Game Informer mentioned there might be every other “game-changing mechanic” that is helping to stability the trouble, and they’re represented by way of the tools icon beneath Mega Man’s well being bar.

You’ll additionally have the ability to transfer thru you quite a lot of Robot Master guns a lot more simply than in previous video games. By the use of the analog stick, you’ll convey up an “invisible wheel” appearing all your to be had guns, permitting you to accomplish combo assaults.

Mega Man 11 is being directed by way of Koji Oda, identified for his paintings at the Resident Evil sequence, and it’s being produced by way of Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, whose earlier credit come with Mega Man 7 and Mega Man: Legacy Collection 2. Ryo Yoshii serves as audio director, and he made use of recorded sounds instead of virtual results with a view to higher are compatible the sport’s new visible taste.

When can we play it?

Mega Man 11 will unlock for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation four, Xbox One, and PC in “late 2018.”

In an interview with Game Informer, Oda instructed the sport’s good fortune may result in a bigger revival of the Mega Man emblem, together with extra sequels and the go back of sub-series similar to Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Battle Network.

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