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iTextSharp five.five.10

iText is utilized by Java, .NET, Android and GAE builders to give a boost to their programs with PDF capability. iTextSharp is the .NET port.

iText is a PDF library that permits builders to create, adapt, check up on and deal with paperwork within the Portable Document Format(PDF). By utilising iText, builders can generate paperwork and reviews which are in line with information from an XML document or a database. Also to be had is the power to create maps and books, exploiting a lot of interactive options which are to be had in PDF. Developers too can upload bookmarks, web page numbers, watermarks, and different options to current PDF paperwork.

iTextSharp key options come with:

  • PDF technology.
  • PDF manipulation (stamping watermarks, merging/splitting PDFs).
  • PDF shape filling.
  • XML capability.
  • Digital signatures.

Overall, iTextSharp is a brilliant software that homes some in reality helpful equipment. For example, builders can break up or concatenate pages from current PDF information, fill out interactive paperwork, and serve dynamically generated or manipulated PDF paperwork to a internet browser. Pretty a lot anything else a developer may want from a PDF useful software, iTextSharp does.

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