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Electric wheelchair robot can be ridden from behind

Tmsuk Co Ltd, based totally in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, has launched an electrical wheelchair robot that can be ridden from behind.

The robot, Rodem, was once advanced in order that the person can simply journey at the wheelchair from a mattress, settee, and many others. At the time of having on/off the robot, its seat protrudes backward and diagonally downward, and the person straddles the seat from behind. There isn’t any backrest, however the person can lean ahead to place his/her weight at the entrance a part of the seat.

“While conventional wheelchairs give a hug, the Rodem gives a piggyback,” Tmsuk President Yoichi Takamoto stated.

When the robot is shifting, the peak of the seat floor can be as much as 785 mm. The top can be diminished to 400mm on the time of having on/off the robot. The top of the person’s eyes turns into similar to that of the eyes of a status individual, making it more uncomplicated to keep in touch and do day by day paintings, Tmsuk stated.

By one by one controlling the 4 wheels and the usage of omni-wheels, the robot has a small turning radius and can even flip at the spot. Buttons and a joystick at the entrance facet are used to transport the robot and transfer up/down the seat.

Also, the robot can be remotely managed with a smartphone. So, it’s imaginable to make the robot come shut the person’s mattress sooner than using on it and transfer to a cupboard space after use. It is a four-wheel-drive car, and its rear wheels are omni-wheels.

The robot can be charged via the usage of a 100V home energy supply. After being charged for 8 hours, it can commute 15km or extra. Its most pace is 6km/h. The robot can climb up a slope of as much as about 10° and transfer over a top distinction of about four cm. As a chargeable battery, it makes use of a lead-acid battery.

The mass of the primary unit is set 110kg. Its width and duration are 690 mm and 1,000 mm (1,203 mm when the seat stands proud), respectively. The worth of the robot is 980,000 yen.

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