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‘Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris’ review

When Destiny 2 got here out in September, it felt like an extension of the unique Destiny; one who confirmed developer Bungie found out tips on how to deliver its unique thought to existence. As we stated in our review, Destiny 2 used to be Destiny because it must were, made with the ease of the teachings Bungie had discovered from 3 years of expansions, group interactions, and updates. It wasn’t easiest, but it surely used to be a step ahead. By distinction, Curse of Osiris, the primary enlargement for Destiny 2, feels a large step again.

Curse of Osiris is a blast from Destiny‘s past, dredging up some of the worst problems from the game’s early days. It’s brief, small, and repetitive — the type of content material that might really feel proper at house within the first 12 months of the unique Destiny. Despite Bungie’s use of epic musical hooks, superstar voice actors, and well-produced cutscenes, the true enjoy of taking part in the most recent addition to Destiny 2 is ho-hum at best possible.

For gamers who may have fallen out of Destiny 2 within the 3 months because it used to be launched, Curse of Osiris provides little explanation why soar again in.

The international’s maximum dull time journey

Curse of Osiris issues the Vex, one of Destiny‘s teams of alien enemies. As Destiny 2‘s enemies and characters pass, the Vex, a hivemind race of robots, are some one of the attention-grabbing. They assimilate complete worlds (and peoples) to show them into further robots, they’re inscrutable and unknowable, they usually’ve mastered time journey.

Fighting those time-traveling robots is Osiris, a mythical Guardian hero, who used to be exiled in shame, partly for being an excessive amount of of a doomsayer about time-traveling robots. Most of the growth’s tale and content material happen on Mercury, a planet the Vex utterly overhauled, and a spot within the sun machine Destiny has most effective frivolously tread to this point.

A formidable however disgraced hero preventing robots who can manipulate time inside of an enormous Matrix appears like a recipe for a gorgeous sci-fi journey. But Curse of Osiris does exceedingly little with its premise. It doesn’t take benefit of its time travel-themed plot to introduce new gameplay concepts or aesthetically attention-grabbing spaces. For the entire lip provider paid to what a large deal Osiris is, he spends maximum of the growth out of sight — we by no means see first-hand what makes him particular.

Curse of Osiris is a blast from Destiny‘s previous.

Players spend a lot of the growth within the “Infinite Forest,” a brand new Destiny 2 locale that, because the characters within the sport describe it, is “a planet-sized probability engine.” It’s an enormous Matrix-like supercomputer the place the Vex can simulate a couple of realities. It sounds interesting, however, as the center piece of Curse of Osiris, the Infinite Forest fails to are living as much as the promise of the speculation. Despite the entire probabilities an enormous truth simulator suggests and the sun machine of concepts from which Bungie may pull, the Forest is only a sequence of concrete and gold platforms with unhealthy guys dumped on best of them. Shoot your manner thru one platform to open get right of entry to to the following platform. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

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The overwrought repetition remembers a time when Destiny used to be more effective and extra irritating. Every step throughout the Infinite Forest is functionally just like the only earlier than it. Sure, it is a shooter, and taking pictures a number of enemies in a chain of hallways is what shooters do. The hassle is that you just’ll revisit the Infinite Forest time and again right through the Curse of Osiris marketing campaign, and the enjoy is all the time the similar however for a couple of very slight permutations. You’ll go back to it and repeat the method a couple of extra instances should you play the growth’s new “adventure” sidequests.

The enlargement’s two new moves? They’re verbatim copies of two tale missions you finished by yourself, transformed to deal with two extra gamers. Those missions had their moments the primary time thru, however replaying them over and over again displays how skinny they in reality are.

The Infinite Forest appears like an enormous neglected alternative.

Destiny 2 does an excellent quantity to modify up its missions, requiring gamers to carry positions, go sequence of platforms, or soar into cars. It may now not have revolutionized the shooter, but it surely’s a lot more pleasing than the unique’s earliest, maximum repetitious days. Curse of Osiris returns to these early Destiny days when a lot of the enjoy consisted of taking part in the similar small chunks of content material over and over again, including tedium to what may well be first rate ranges beneath different cases.

The Infinite Forest in particular appears like an enormous neglected alternative. Its title suggests boundless probabilities, and Bungie can have stuffed where with actually the rest. Apparently, despite the fact that, essentially the most attention-grabbing factor the Vex may suppose to simulate used to be the distance an identical of an empty automobile parking space, and the similar actual firefights you’ll be able to already in finding all over the place the sun machine.

The unhealthy previous days

Despite those issues, Curse of Osiris does scratch that content material itch felt through many devoted Destiny 2 gamers. You can replay the 3 Adventure missions on Mercury time and again, finishing more difficult “Heroic” variations for higher rewards. There are a bunch of new weapons for gamers to seek out and upload to their collections. Some, such because the crop of “Prophecy Tablets” that require you to wander the sun machine finishing older actions, will stay you lovely busy.

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The new open house on Mercury has some cool concepts, like its periodic, concerned public tournament, despite the fact that it’s lovely small, and, thus, does now not have too many actions to stay you there. A couple of new maps within the multiplayer enviornment referred to as the Crucible deliver extra selection there as effectively. In mixture, the additions are effective, and assist to make Destiny 2 really feel a bit fuller whilst you mission again into it.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Compared To

Upon shut exam, despite the fact that, there isn’t so much there. Most of Curse of Osiris is composed on reusing chunks of content material with very small tweaks. The new missions, each within the tale somewhere else, have a tendency to be permutations at the theme of replaying the similar giant bite of the Infinite Forest. The cool tips of a abnormal, endless simulation to discover, a brand new persona to fulfill, and time journey shenanigans to stop by no means in reality make it into what you enjoy within the sport.

Our Take

The international of Destiny 2 suffers each time its nice concepts fail to ship on their promise. We’ll see if issues are stepped forward in days and weeks to come back through new additions like the brand new “Raid Lair” mode, which launches Friday. For now, Curse of Osiris feels shallow, an add-on comprising reused content material and busywork. Curse of Osiris takes Destiny 2 again in time to the early days of Destiny, when gamers have been caught with a miles weaker sport.

Is there a greater choice?

Destiny 2 is itself a cast multiplayer identify, so should you’re determined for extra to do in Bungie’s shared-world shooter, you’re caught grabbing Curse of Osiris. If you’re open to shopping for a brand new sport as a substitute, there are quite a bit of nice shooters available on the market at this time, from Overwatch or LawBreakers to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. If you weren’t offered on Destiny 2 earlier than, Curse of Osiris gained’t tip the scales.

How lengthy will it ultimate?

Repeating content material is constructed into Destiny 2, however we completed the principle tale of Curse of Osiris in a day. The including content material into spaces Destiny 2 gamers stay returning to, just like the Crucible or the Strike playlist, and weeding out the entire expansions distinctive weapons must stay gamers busy for some time.

Should you purchase it?

For devoted Destiny 2 lovers, Curse of Osiris provides sufficient new stuff that no less than it’ll clean up maximum of the minor facets of the sport with such things as new weapons to chase and new occasions to pursue. But should you’re available in the market for creative shooter gameplay or an ideal tale, glance somewhere else.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris used to be reviewed on PlayStation four with a review code equipped through the writer.

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