Video Production and Technology

Video production has advanced a lot since the early days of using film in cameras.

First there was the major transition to digital, which has taken place over the last 15 years or so.

This has lead to some major advances in cameras and in the way that video works in general.

Video Production with Digital

Because everything is now digital, it is far easier to work in video production.

First and foremost, all of the material is recorded and worked with on the same medium. Digital.

So when you get a video, whether it is in a file or on a card, it is digital.

Then you move it to a computer, most likely a mac, it does not change mediums, It is still in digital.

And the transfer is very fast. In fact, some of the people working on Video Production, have found this method to be very popular with all of the new video techniques.

All you have to do is copy the video over the wire, and you are done.

Camera Technology for Video Production

camera video production technologyBut before you even get to video post-production, you need to record the footage with a camera of some sort.

And this is where things have also change a lot over the last decades.

With the invention of the digital camera, we now have the possibility of smaller, lighter and cheaper cameras, like never before.

On top of this amazing list of benefits, you also have the ability to record huge amounts of footage, and store them in your pocket – literally.

Where before you had to have film on had, and enough. Now you have almost unlimited space. And if you make a mistake, you can simply record over the previous take.

Not that this is something you should be doing in video production, but it is possible. Before, it was unheard of. Not even possible.

Aerial Photography For Video

With these major changes in camera tech, have come the new possibilities to produce video with footage from all over.

Now you can mount small cameras on small helicopters and shoot aerial footage that before was the realm of those with million dollar budgets.

Take for example this video where you can see the kind of footage that is available.

This footage was filmed with the DJI Phantom, a model that is quite popular amongst aerial photographers and videographers.

As you can see in the video, it can produce some amazing footage for video, and is also extremely cost effective.

Computer Software Advances for Video

Of course, all of this footage has to be finally processed on a computer with some amazing video software to complete the video production.

An still at the top of the rack is the mac and pc software that video producers are using to amazing effect.

There are many useful programs for this kind of things such as Adobe Premier or even the amazing Mac Final Cut Pro.

No one can tell you which one is best, because every video production company has their own preference, but they all keep getting more amazing with every version.


Technology has had almost no bigger impact than with video production.

With the advances in digital, cameras, computers, aerial photography and software, we are at a place that is quite amazing compared to 10 years ago!