Amazing Design Technology in 2015

Amazing Design Technology in 2015

Amazing Tech in 2015 - Amazon Drone

It is always astounding the kinds of technology that are constantly coming into the world and amazing us every day.

Of course we could mention the iPhone and the popularity of the touch screen and how that has lead to a revolution in the way that we interact with the internet.

It lead to the iPhone, the iPad and all of the copies that have followed since. Our internet will never be the same.

But what other technologies in the last year have made a huge difference in the world. Things that have quietly changed things and made a huge impact in different industries.


porticoolWhen you are working in harsh environments at high temperatures, for the sake of protection you are wearing a suit, things can get very uncomfortable. Often you have to work in very short bursts, in order to be safe and sustain concentration and health.

What kinds of solutions could people come up with to solve this kind of problem, especially when you consider that they have to take into account the suits that have to be worn and carried on the body.

Porticool is one such solution that incorporates all the qualities you need to solve when encountering such harsh conditions

It is lgith, it is able to cool us for long periods without power, and it is easy to maintain. The smart guys at Porticos have developed this system to be used by the amazing workers who have to work with HAZMAT suits and other difficult environments.

AliveCor Smartphone ECG

No longer is it necessary to have expensive machinery at the doctors as now you can do an ECG at home or even in developing nations who cannot afford such equipment.

The AliveCor is fundamentally an iPhone case that turns an phone into a high quality cardiac device. Using two metal attachments, the device is simply placed on the chest or even held in the hand to take a reading. It is also capable of storing or wirelessly transmitting the information for immediate review.

Although not yet approved in the USA, it is already being used in clinics in China and is heavily supported by Qualcomm.

Google’s Self Driving Car

google-carIt might not be knocking anyone’s socks off with it’s lack of style, but the driverless car is pushing boundaries in the tech world as well as the social implications.

Imagine no longer being in control of your vehicle. The efficiencies in terms of what you could accomplish on the way to work, like on a train, are amazing.

The safety implications, once it is all working correctly, are also phenomenal. No longer having to rely on what humans are paying attention to, but instead having a computer take care of it for you.

Project Loon – Internet for All

google-project-loonI know, Google again. But with Project X they are doing a lot of amazing things and solving problems that everyone else is scared to tackle.

Project X is one of the more famous ones after the driverliess car, but it has reached a level where it is completely able to deliver internet in remote locations even if the balloons are launched in a very nearby area of California.

No more is a mobile or cable infrastructure needed to deliver wifi to the developing world. Another idea Google has is to use this tech to bring the world back online during disaster recovery., when the Google guys get involved. Anything is possible.

Then you have to consider what would happen to the traffic if we could all drive at a consistent speed and distance from one another. Traffic jams would perhaps be a thing of the past?

Drones Delivering Life Saving Packages

Recently we discussed consumer based drones and how they are booming, and we are all thinking about drones for filming or delivering packages for Amazon, but what about other uses for this technology.

There are already quite a few firms like this one that are using drone technology to solve some of the world’s biggest problems – overcoming a lack of infrastructure to deliver life saving medicines and other things.

Of course there is a lot of money to be made in the drone arena with other deliveries, but this company is instead ignoring that trend and using tech for the good of humanity.