Drone Consumer Tech Is Booming

Whether or not you agree with the use of drones, or have even seen them in your city or neighborhood, they are a booming business nowadays.

Of course you have probably heard about how amazon is using them to deliverĀ things to areas that are hard to service. And more recently they have even patented this technology. But things have gotten so simple in the tech world that people are building these things themselves all the time.

Enter Consumer Drones

Consumer drones are all the rage and people are able to buy them very cheap. Not only that but they are simple to assemble and control with all of the technology that has been developed these days.

The following infographic shows you just what is happening in the consumer drone business, but here is a summary of the content:

  • A small marketing in 2013 (11 Billion) poised to grow to 140 Billion in 2020
  • Of that portion, over 50% will be in the USA
  • Most Hobby or consumer drones have to fly below 400ft (130m) and be within the line of sight of the controller
  • They also cannot interfere with standard airspace (planes and helicopters) so beware of your local rules and regs
  • Biggest consumer drone companies right now are: DJI, Parrot and 3D Robotics
  • All of the drones are also connected to various devices with video, internet and GPS expanding the internet of things
  • Drone operators are even becoming a profession

Check out the detailed infographic below for even more information. Courtesy of

Consumer and Hobby Drone Tech