Advances in Car Technology

car technologyIn recent years the auto sector has created  many technologies which complete the need of shoppers in each and every way.

These technologies also take into consideration ecological factors, mainly because cars are the number one contributors of air pollution today.

Invention of the latest technologies is never ending, and car industry is no exception. There are now new models available in the market which integrate computer systems and other electronics that you would not have expected 10 years ago.

Aside from these computer systems, these vehicles also address car safety to a degree that is quite amazing.

Another area that has been seen a lot of late is telematics,embedded infotainment systems and sophisticated car bodies.

Any new technology being developed is made not only to earn money, but for the for betterment of areas such as car safety, design and performance.

Here a few more recent and famous inventions being seen in modern cars today.

Top Performance Based Inventions

There are many inventions that have a great influence on performance.

The Fuel Cell

The fuel cell car is an emerging technology which is entirely pollution free. It offers power and control to the vehicle through power generated from a hydrogen reaction that takes place completely within the fuel cell.

The function of the fuel cell resembles the interior combustion engine and yet, it is twice as effective.

The Computer Chip

A computer chip plays a significant role in obtaining the power from the engine in all modern cars.

Computers also assist in monitoring of various parts of the car, which are then displayed in instruments.

Automatic-locking is controlled via micro-processors and sensors.

Internet connection and wireless phone, and many other such devices all rely on computers at their heart.

The latest cars also use emission control technology to track and adjust functions which are not the main part of a cars purpose.

For example, there’s the catalytic converter which is there simply to clean the car exhaust through the burning chemicals and unused fuel.

It is assisted by oxygen sensor which shows that there’s enough oxygen for catalyst to function.

Hybrid Vehicles

The hybrid vehicle is renowned in the market as it saves fuel while still maintaining power.Hybrids are also renowned for their longevity and durability.

These kinds of cars cannot possibly function without the latest technology and use a mix of things from computers and software, as well as their own tech to achieve this.

The Latest Designs

Visual appearance is important factor, which is often coupled with the smart technology inside a vehicle.

State of the art cars focus on style, not only for marketing purposes, but also to draw the attention of the younger generations.

Compared to prior models, the latest models are produced to incorporate various accessories such as the iPod, Bluetooth and MP3 players, precise positioning/GPS dashboards, integrated stereo systems, seat belts and let’s not forget fully furnished, exceptional interiors!

Latest Security Based Inventions

One example of the latest security inventions is GMs Black Box technology.

General Motors studied the performance of the standard Black Box that is used in aircraft to track them and record any accidents.

Given that car companies are already recording details on distance, speed as well as location, using this kind of technology in the vehicle is not really an issue.


In fact, many of these values are used in the deployment of airbags, so the information is already there and quite useful.

Now with the cars being monitored by car companies (if the customer opts in) it is also possible for them to take this live data and know exactly what you are doing and where you are.

Scary, but at the same time if used correctly, it could also help to save lives.

But no matter what you think of some of the latest tech, things are always changing and progressing and you have to try to keep up.