Amazing Design Technology in 2015

Amazing Design Technology in 2015

Amazing Tech in 2015 - Amazon Drone

It is always astounding the kinds of technology that are constantly coming into the world and amazing us every day.

Of course we could mention the iPhone and the popularity of the touch screen and how that has lead to a revolution in the way that we interact with the internet.

It lead to the iPhone, the iPad and all of the copies that have followed since. Our internet will never be the same.

But what other technologies in the last year have made a huge difference in the world. Things that have quietly changed things and made a huge impact in different industries.


porticoolWhen you are working in harsh environments at high temperatures, for the sake of protection you are wearing a suit, things can get very uncomfortable. Often you have to work in very short bursts, in order to be safe and sustain concentration and health.

What kinds of solutions could people come up with to solve this kind of problem, especially when you consider that they have to take into account the suits that have to be worn and carried on the body.

Porticool is one such solution that incorporates all the qualities you need to solve when encountering such harsh conditions

It is lgith, it is able to cool us for long periods without power, and it is easy to maintain. The smart guys at Porticos have developed this system to be used by the amazing workers who have to work with HAZMAT suits and other difficult environments.

AliveCor Smartphone ECG

No longer is it necessary to have expensive machinery at the doctors as now you can do an ECG at home or even in developing nations who cannot afford such equipment.

The AliveCor is fundamentally an iPhone case that turns an phone into a high quality cardiac device. Using two metal attachments, the device is simply placed on the chest or even held in the hand to take a reading. It is also capable of storing or wirelessly transmitting the information for immediate review.

Although not yet approved in the USA, it is already being used in clinics in China and is heavily supported by Qualcomm.

Google’s Self Driving Car

google-carIt might not be knocking anyone’s socks off with it’s lack of style, but the driverless car is pushing boundaries in the tech world as well as the social implications.

Imagine no longer being in control of your vehicle. The efficiencies in terms of what you could accomplish on the way to work, like on a train, are amazing.

The safety implications, once it is all working correctly, are also phenomenal. No longer having to rely on what humans are paying attention to, but instead having a computer take care of it for you.

Project Loon – Internet for All

google-project-loonI know, Google again. But with Project X they are doing a lot of amazing things and solving problems that everyone else is scared to tackle.

Project X is one of the more famous ones after the driverliess car, but it has reached a level where it is completely able to deliver internet in remote locations even if the balloons are launched in a very nearby area of California.

No more is a mobile or cable infrastructure needed to deliver wifi to the developing world. Another idea Google has is to use this tech to bring the world back online during disaster recovery., when the Google guys get involved. Anything is possible.

Then you have to consider what would happen to the traffic if we could all drive at a consistent speed and distance from one another. Traffic jams would perhaps be a thing of the past?

Drones Delivering Life Saving Packages

Recently we discussed consumer based drones and how they are booming, and we are all thinking about drones for filming or delivering packages for Amazon, but what about other uses for this technology.

There are already quite a few firms like this one that are using drone technology to solve some of the world’s biggest problems – overcoming a lack of infrastructure to deliver life saving medicines and other things.

Of course there is a lot of money to be made in the drone arena with other deliveries, but this company is instead ignoring that trend and using tech for the good of humanity.


Drone Consumer Tech Is Booming

Whether or not you agree with the use of drones, or have even seen them in your city or neighborhood, they are a booming business nowadays.

Of course you have probably heard about how amazon is using them to deliver things to areas that are hard to service. And more recently they have even patented this technology. But things have gotten so simple in the tech world that people are building these things themselves all the time.

Enter Consumer Drones

Consumer drones are all the rage and people are able to buy them very cheap. Not only that but they are simple to assemble and control with all of the technology that has been developed these days.

The following infographic shows you just what is happening in the consumer drone business, but here is a summary of the content:

  • A small marketing in 2013 (11 Billion) poised to grow to 140 Billion in 2020
  • Of that portion, over 50% will be in the USA
  • Most Hobby or consumer drones have to fly below 400ft (130m) and be within the line of sight of the controller
  • They also cannot interfere with standard airspace (planes and helicopters) so beware of your local rules and regs
  • Biggest consumer drone companies right now are: DJI, Parrot and 3D Robotics
  • All of the drones are also connected to various devices with video, internet and GPS expanding the internet of things
  • Drone operators are even becoming a profession

Check out the detailed infographic below for even more information. Courtesy of

Consumer and Hobby Drone Tech

Web Hosting Technology

Web Hosting Technology

server technologyWhen you want to buy or create a website, one of the most fundamental things you have to think about is the web hosting.

Many people are not aware of this, and somehow think that a website is just “there”, but without the technology behind website hosting, you do not have much of a chance!

So in this blog posts I am going to take a look at some of the technologies behind web hosting and some of the better companies on the market.

Website Hosting Technologies

When I walking about website hosting, what I am basically talking about are servers.

If you don’t know what servers are, then you might want to read the definition here on wikipedia.

But to give you a quick summary, what a server is is basically a very powerful computer that waits for “requests” from another computer and then “serves” a response.

Which means that if you go to a website, your request for that site is sent to the server, then the server hands you back the page (images, video, html code etc).

What goes on in the background is actually quite complex but that is the main gist of it.

Some Of the Best Website Hosting Companies

While we are on the subject, lets just quickly cover some of the better hosting companies out there in case you just want a quick answer on this question.

There are many cheap hosting companies out there nowadays and you have to be careful which one you choose. That is for sure.

But if you go for companies like BlueHost or HostGator, then they are also cheap but reasonably reliable. In fact both of these companies are actually owned by the same company now anyway.

If you want to go for something a little more premium, a great service that I recently read a great blog post on, is Siteground. If you want to read a Siteground Review, then this review will give you a complete picture on why they are better than many of the others I mentioned above.

The next level up is something like WPEngine (if you are going for WordPress hosting). They offer fully managed and configured servers that aim to be faster, safer and less work for the person who owns the website.

Inside the Web Hosting Technology

Let’s jump inside some of the technology that goes into web hosting to give you a better idea of what is going on.

The Servers

The backbone of any web hosting company is it’s servers. And when you talk about servers, one of the biggest things in terms of power is the chips.

Currently Intel is one of the most influential suppliers of chips for the server industry and their Xeon series of chips is at the forefront of parallel processing which gives you more bang for your buck.

Another area of the server that is very important is the disk. Previously disks were always moving, but the more modern disks are solely made of chips or more technically – Solid State Drives.

Solid State Drives are a lot faster and more reliable, but also more expensive. So they are slowly making an impact into the server industry but only on the more premium models for now.

In fact Google still uses cheap disks in their servers because they have a great system in place to control them and make sure they do not lose data even if one disk fails.

The Software

Linux LogoJust having a server is not enough when it comes to website hosting. What you really need to get things going is the software on top.

When you talk about software and operating systems you normally think about Windows or Mac. But when it comes to servers it is more often Windows vs Linux (the open source, free software).

Most powerful and reliable servers use Linux, or a flavor of it these days. It is very powerful, robust and reliable. And a lot cheaper than Windows.

This is just the basis for the server of course, and there is more software placed on top of that to run all of the programs and websites that are built.

More often than not WordPress is used for creating blogs and websites.

But the basis of all of the maintenance that customers do on their sites is usually done with something like cPanel.

Quick Overview

So when it comes to website hosting and technology, things can get pretty complex.

But if you choose the right hosting company with the best kinds of servers and software you are usually quite safe!


Video Production and Technology

Video production has advanced a lot since the early days of using film in cameras.

First there was the major transition to digital, which has taken place over the last 15 years or so.

This has lead to some major advances in cameras and in the way that video works in general.

Video Production with Digital

Because everything is now digital, it is far easier to work in video production.

First and foremost, all of the material is recorded and worked with on the same medium. Digital.

So when you get a video, whether it is in a file or on a card, it is digital.

Then you move it to a computer, most likely a mac, it does not change mediums, It is still in digital.

And the transfer is very fast. In fact, some of the people working on Video Production, have found this method to be very popular with all of the new video techniques.

All you have to do is copy the video over the wire, and you are done.

Camera Technology for Video Production

camera video production technologyBut before you even get to video post-production, you need to record the footage with a camera of some sort.

And this is where things have also change a lot over the last decades.

With the invention of the digital camera, we now have the possibility of smaller, lighter and cheaper cameras, like never before.

On top of this amazing list of benefits, you also have the ability to record huge amounts of footage, and store them in your pocket – literally.

Where before you had to have film on had, and enough. Now you have almost unlimited space. And if you make a mistake, you can simply record over the previous take.

Not that this is something you should be doing in video production, but it is possible. Before, it was unheard of. Not even possible.

Aerial Photography For Video

With these major changes in camera tech, have come the new possibilities to produce video with footage from all over.

Now you can mount small cameras on small helicopters and shoot aerial footage that before was the realm of those with million dollar budgets.

Take for example this video where you can see the kind of footage that is available.

This footage was filmed with the DJI Phantom, a model that is quite popular amongst aerial photographers and videographers.

As you can see in the video, it can produce some amazing footage for video, and is also extremely cost effective.

Computer Software Advances for Video

Of course, all of this footage has to be finally processed on a computer with some amazing video software to complete the video production.

An still at the top of the rack is the mac and pc software that video producers are using to amazing effect.

There are many useful programs for this kind of things such as Adobe Premier or even the amazing Mac Final Cut Pro.

No one can tell you which one is best, because every video production company has their own preference, but they all keep getting more amazing with every version.


Technology has had almost no bigger impact than with video production.

With the advances in digital, cameras, computers, aerial photography and software, we are at a place that is quite amazing compared to 10 years ago!


Advances in Car Technology

car technologyIn recent years the auto sector has created  many technologies which complete the need of shoppers in each and every way.

These technologies also take into consideration ecological factors, mainly because cars are the number one contributors of air pollution today.

Invention of the latest technologies is never ending, and car industry is no exception. There are now new models available in the market which integrate computer systems and other electronics that you would not have expected 10 years ago.

Aside from these computer systems, these vehicles also address car safety to a degree that is quite amazing.

Another area that has been seen a lot of late is telematics,embedded infotainment systems and sophisticated car bodies.

Any new technology being developed is made not only to earn money, but for the for betterment of areas such as car safety, design and performance.

Here a few more recent and famous inventions being seen in modern cars today.

Top Performance Based Inventions

There are many inventions that have a great influence on performance.

The Fuel Cell

The fuel cell car is an emerging technology which is entirely pollution free. It offers power and control to the vehicle through power generated from a hydrogen reaction that takes place completely within the fuel cell.

The function of the fuel cell resembles the interior combustion engine and yet, it is twice as effective.

The Computer Chip

A computer chip plays a significant role in obtaining the power from the engine in all modern cars.

Computers also assist in monitoring of various parts of the car, which are then displayed in instruments.

Automatic-locking is controlled via micro-processors and sensors.

Internet connection and wireless phone, and many other such devices all rely on computers at their heart.

The latest cars also use emission control technology to track and adjust functions which are not the main part of a cars purpose.

For example, there’s the catalytic converter which is there simply to clean the car exhaust through the burning chemicals and unused fuel.

It is assisted by oxygen sensor which shows that there’s enough oxygen for catalyst to function.

Hybrid Vehicles

The hybrid vehicle is renowned in the market as it saves fuel while still maintaining power.Hybrids are also renowned for their longevity and durability.

These kinds of cars cannot possibly function without the latest technology and use a mix of things from computers and software, as well as their own tech to achieve this.

The Latest Designs

Visual appearance is important factor, which is often coupled with the smart technology inside a vehicle.

State of the art cars focus on style, not only for marketing purposes, but also to draw the attention of the younger generations.

Compared to prior models, the latest models are produced to incorporate various accessories such as the iPod, Bluetooth and MP3 players, precise positioning/GPS dashboards, integrated stereo systems, seat belts and let’s not forget fully furnished, exceptional interiors!

Latest Security Based Inventions

One example of the latest security inventions is GMs Black Box technology.

General Motors studied the performance of the standard Black Box that is used in aircraft to track them and record any accidents.

Given that car companies are already recording details on distance, speed as well as location, using this kind of technology in the vehicle is not really an issue.


In fact, many of these values are used in the deployment of airbags, so the information is already there and quite useful.

Now with the cars being monitored by car companies (if the customer opts in) it is also possible for them to take this live data and know exactly what you are doing and where you are.

Scary, but at the same time if used correctly, it could also help to save lives.

But no matter what you think of some of the latest tech, things are always changing and progressing and you have to try to keep up.